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Steps to improve your Home Security in Auckland

If you’ve recently moved to a new house, the first thing you need to check is whether the house is secured or not. Whether it has security alarm system installed or not, if the house has got alarm system then you and your family will safe and don’t have to worry even if you are not in your home. But if the house has no alarm systems installed, then you should consider installing a alarm system for your house and keep the outsiders out. Below are few tips you can consider to make your house safe.


Now a days due to the advancement in technology, you can install a CCTV camera and view the CCTV live recording right in your smartphone which is just great. Even you can get live CCTV recording right in your smart phone.  If you’re thinking of installing Alarm System in your home, contact Chubb Security on 0800 20 30 40 for all your security needs. Even if you need a locksmith in Auckland or a locksmith in Christchurch for any lock services in your home, contact Chubb Security today.

Take Some Small Steps to Improve Your Home Security #infographicInfographic by Visualistan

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Manipulating the locks – the easy way

Modern life has tons and tons of convenience, one of the biggest ones being the fact that we are masters of our own private space that is kept separate from the outside world and outside forces and where all of our belongings are being stored. Well, one of the most important things that lets us keep our privacy are locks, they have been around for quite some time, and while they have changed in shape, materials they’re made of and even in the roles they fulfilled, one thing remained a constant, existence of master locksmiths, people that have thoroughly studied the art of locks as well as security and that can make your life a lot easier and a lot safer. Just think about how many locks and keys are there around you each and every day. From the front door lock, car door or a safe to a more complex ones like locks that keep the door of the entire building shut down after certain time, locks in prisons and so on – there are hundreds of thousands of locks and they each have their role in the world. Locksmiths are men who have dedicated themselves to manipulating locks and putting them to good use.

Very few people actually think about a role a locksmith has in their life, up to the point when they really need services of one. Locksmith is one of the very few professions that are available to you around the clock, since most mundaine cases where locksmiths have to intervene include lost car keys, stuck home locks and something like that. Other then locksmiths that install and maintain locks in a private residence, there are locksmiths that sell their art well and make complex locks and security systems with regards to every other part of the security network. They all have to be available to their customers in case there’s an emergency – the locksmith is a profession that doesn’t allow for the rest.

Here’s some information about when you might need a locksmith. click here to read it.

Finding a locksmith in your area should be relatively simple and easy, all you’d need in theory are a phone book and a working phone, but it always pays to check a man out before you assign him to the task of helping you out. Try to go for the locksmith that have one of the popular certificates that show they are actually allowed to bear strange tools and put them to use. In fact, half the tool box of a locksmith would be very much illegal in the hands of a regular man. Getting certified can be a bit difficult at times, depending on where are you looking to get your diploma at. Locksmiths are one of the professions that have deep roots into the society and it is always a good idea to know a locksmith before you need him.


If you’re in Auckland, and you’re looking for a Locksmith in Auckland, contact Chubb Security on 0800 20 30 40

When do you need help from a locksmith

When do you need help from a locksmith

Nobody thinks about finding himself a proper locksmith… until you need him, and you need his services badly. People tend to forget about minor nuisances of life that keep them comfortable and going through the day lately, one of those things being the fact that the door to their home or their car are firmly closed and that they are the only one with a key. Well, keys get lost, stolen, broken, and when that happens it’s always an urgency, and there’s only one profession that can give you proper help – and that’s a locksmith. Technology has very little to do with that, the craft of locksmithing has been around for over 4000 years now, and they are always important, what is different now compared to then is the fact that the locksmith doesn’t make his own custom locks, spending hours on that, he just installs, maintains and fixes the already made locks.


It’s very interesting that mostly locksmiths are not called by the homeowners or car owners, but by a visitor, tenant or a friend who borrowed the car. It’s important to know that without a solid proof of residence or ownership of the car a locksmith is not allowed to lift a finger, if he does he’s treated like he is committing a burglary in most European countries as well as in the EU.


All of these situations cover private property and individuals, but the locksmith as a trade is even more important to big business, stores and chains – there’s the entrance, security, all of the ways in and out of the building, a good locksmith is supposed to be able to give advice and to maintain a security network through any object. Prisons come as one of the biggest challenges to locksmiths, and there are usually locksmiths dedicated just to prisons and security gates installed in them. Locks are not just the locks you’re used to, with a single key opening them up – those locks are pretty basic, primitive and very easily broken through, a master locksmith is able to set up a lock with many security features and that is virtually inpenetrable.


Of course, this all is a bit too extreme for your regular customer, but you still want to make sure that the locksmith of your choice has the appropriate certificates and enough skills to work on your privacy as well as to check if he’s got good credentials – internet search can tell you a lot about a specific locksmith and the experience other customers had with him. Make sure that the locksmith you pick is insured, experienced and that he’s got certificates that cover the are you need help with if you are looking for someone who can do more than just fix a regular lock. It wouldn’t hurt if you read up on locksmith jargon as they have some very specific phrases if you want to deal fairly with the man.

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High Security Locks Services in Auckland

High security locks belong to the third category when it comes to the level of security. The other levels are basic, resistant and ‘unpickable’. Although many locksmiths put the resistant and the high security locks into the same category and many hardware shops do not make distinction between these two in their catalogue listings, there some crucial differences between them after all. Thus, this article will provide detailed information on high security locks, their design and their features that make them so reliable.

The truth is that both high security and resistant locks are impervious to the attacks of a person with no skills in lock picking, they tend to behave quite differently when skilful and sophisticated attacks are concerned. In fact, the design of resistant locks is made in such a way that it makes it harder for the lock pick tools that are basic to go smoothly into the lock and defeat it. However, they do not prevent this completely. A person who is trained in lock picking and who fully understands the mechanism of a lock can easily defeat a resistant lock with the help of basic kits that can be purchased on the Internet. Thus, a resistant lock is not much of a trouble for a person who can easily handle the basic tools.

However, a lock which is a high security one has such mechanisms incorporated that it can completely block the use of any basic lock picking tools. Thus, even a person who is extremely skilled in lock picking will not be able to open a high security lock with a typical tool. Rather, they would need certain tools that are specialized and some special techniques as well, in order to open the lock. The use of specialized tools and the extremely good skills that are needed are exactly what makes high security locks importantly different from the resistant ones.

This class of locks is much recommended for the security and surveillance systems of large companies. Of course, not every door knob should be a high security lock, but the facilities and objects that are of extremely high importance should have these locks installed on them. Otherwise, the business is an easy target for even a not so skilled attacker. Although most companies have the surveillance cameras all over the place, someone who can bypass the system may also easily defeat the door locks which are under the level of high security.

To summarize, despite the fact that many locksmiths put resistant and high security locks into the same category, they are actually quite different. In fact, a high security lock will completely prevent a regular burglar from picking it with basic lock picking tools. Thanks to its mechanism, only an extremely skilled attacker who can use specialized techniques and tools would be able to defeat a high security lock. This type of lock is recommended not only for residential facilities, but also for big companies that need to protect their possessions and property.

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